How well do you know your Bible? This is a trivia game on facts found in the book of Genesis. After each question there are a series of answers. Pick the one you think is right. The answers will have a bible verse to affirm their truth. Good luck and have fun.


  1. Who created heaven and earth?
    a. Moses
    b. Abraham
    c. God
    d. None of the above

  2. God called the______ day and the_____night
    a. moning, evening
    b. light, darkness
    c. first, second
    d. none of the above

  3. God called the firmament
    a. heaven
    b. earth
    c. waters
    d. none of the above

  4. Which were created first?
    a. man
    b. animals
    c. plants
    d. none of the above

  5. God made_____great lights?
    a. one
    b. two
    c. three
    d. four

  6. Who had dominion over everything on the earth?
    a. The animals
    b. man
    c. woman
    d. none of the above

  7. In what image was man created?
    a. a monkey
    b. God's
    c. a fish
    d. none of the above

  8. On what day did God rest from his creating?
    a. fourth
    b. sixth
    c. eighth
    d. none of the above
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