1.    Where did people come from? God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul, thousands of years ago.' God then took a rib from the man and made woman.2 All human beings are descendants of the first man and woman, Adam and Eve.3

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2.     Was man good when God created him? Yes, God created him in His own image1 and he was very good.2

1Gen. 1:27,2Gen. 1:31

3.    Are we, as the descendants of Adam and Eve, still very good? No, God gave man a choice between good and evil; and Adam, the first man, chose to be evil rather than good. He made this choice when he disobeyed the command of God and ate the fruit of the tree which God had told him not to eat.1 All mankind fell when Adam sinned, and since that time people have been born into the world of a sinful nature instead of the perfect nature which Adam had when God created him. It is for this reason that everyone needs to he saved when they reach the time in life when they realize they are separated and away from God.2

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4.     Why did Adam choose to sin? He allowed Satan (the devil: the evil spirit which is in the world working against God) to tempt him, through Eve.1 Satan is the cause of all sin and evil in the world.2 However, Satan works through people and he has no power except that which is allowed him by God, and that which people are willing for him to have.3

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5. Do we still have a choice between good and evil? Yes, but our choice is not the same as Adam's. He was good and chose to be evil; we are born of a sinful nature1 and we choose whether we stay in this state or become acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.2 This choice is ours to make when the Holy Spirit reproves us and lets us know that we are lost and away from God.3

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6. Is the devil still trying to keep people from choosing Jesus? Yes, he will do his best to keep people from being saved.1 As long as we are evil, we are serving Satan rather than God, and the devil likes it that way.2 If people allow the devil to keep them from being saved as long as they live on earth, they will go to be with the devil in eternal punishment when this live is over.3

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7. Why should we suffer because of Adam’s sin? Since the fall, or sin, of Adam, every human being has been born without the holiness that God requires of him.' This fact cannot be changed: but we still have the choice to make for ourselves. God has freely given us a way to get back to Him ;2 so in the long-run, we suffer because of the choice we, ourselves, make.3

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8. Can't we just live a good, clean life and never become sinful? No, this is utterly impossible, because we are evil by nature.1 Without the help of God, we are not able, within ourselves, to be good enough to please God.2

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