A Christian Women’s Role as a Teacher

When I think of women in the workplace, Ruth comes to mind (Ruth 2: 2-4). She, being from Moab, worked with strangers in the field and found favor.

For myself, as a young mother and a Christian, I began teaching elementary school in 1951. I have seen many changes in the school system which always represents the culture of the time. As a footnote, I want to say “amen and amen” to Elder Greg Bielanski’s article on “Do our children have hope?”

When I first began teaching, we began the day with the pledge to our USA flag then we sang a patriotic song; usually “America”. Students would say a Bible verse and then the teacher prayed or sometimes I would read from the Gideon bible I always kept on my desk.

In 1960, I moved to Florida. Times had changed. Our country was experiencing turbulent times which spilled over into the school system and all over the USA. However, the Gideon Bible still laid on my desk and the pledge was still recited over the intercom.

I retired in 1991 after teaching 35 years. I survived and Jesus is my teacher, counselor, provider and the love of my life. He was with me through all those years.

Submitted by:
Delilah Stevens
Lakeland, FL